Portrait VALIE EXPORT: Foto © Hertha Hurnaus, 2009

SPUREN : ID - Gravis, 2000

Paravent, dreiteilig, beidseitig bedruckt, 3 Motive , Auflage 12 Stk. 2000-2001

SPUREN : ID - Gravis, 2000, Fotograf: Rainer Iglar

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Motiv A: Application-Specific Intergrated Circuit, ASIC, Text MicroChip, 250.000 transistors (Detail), 1986

Motiv B: Genetic Code V.E, it is the sequence of gene bearing the blueprint for human interferon. The structural gene itself begins at the nucleobase No. 61; it is translated, codon by coden, into protein‘; ‚met‘ refers to ‚methionine,‘/&/gt; etc.
The lower-case letter sequence from 1 to 23 is called a leader sequence; it is necessary for the secretion of the completed interferon molecule from the cell and is thereafter capped.(Detail). 1992

Motiv C: Biografie V.E. mit generierten Computerprogramm hergestellt, (Detail), 2000

Category Works, 2000-2009, 2000, Object (selection), S