Portrait VALIE EXPORT: Foto © Hertha Hurnaus, 2009

In the same year, EXPORT participates in the „2nd Maraisiade Junger Film“ in Vienna. Her film „Ping Pong“, Expanded Cinema, is awarded the Maraisiade’s prize for the most political film. This film festival showcases the premiere of the mobile and first women’s film „TAPP und TASTKINO/TOUCH CINEMA", Expanded Cinema, including an introductory text/statement by VALIE EXPORT.

"...I hereby would like to donate a packet of matches. This will do to burn up a part of the presented films, except the last one, made by VALIE EXPORT. Because it is not a film, it is herself and actually, the burning of witches is no common practice anymore („In Vienna, nothing is common practice“ according to Radanowicz). She is on stage and anyone who likes to may touch her."

Eleonara Gray, Express, Vienna


1968 EXPORT composes the body action and photo literature „Sehtext: Fingergedicht “, „ich sage die zeige mit zeichen im zeigen der sage“, based on Martin Heidegger


Since 1968 film installations, actions, body performances


1967 invention of her artist name VALIE EXPORT: an artistic concept and logo


1967-68 first Expanded Cinema works, film actions: „Cutting“, Expanded Cinema, deals with the film editing process by means of paper – textile – body screen; „abstract film nr.1“ deals with the production of a film without using celluloid. Another idea of "abstract film n°1" was that everyone in the world could do an "abstract film n°1" according to EXPORT's specifications


1966 first screenplay, a concept for the short film "Aus alt macht nicht neu”, an association of a metaphoric image


1965-68 EXPORT works in the film industry as a script girl at Ciné-Film, Vienna, as editor and extra


1960-64 EXPORT moves to Vienna; attends the Hoehere Bundeslehr- und Versuchsanstalt for Textile Industry, Department Design, Diplom


1955-58 first self-portraits; attends the School for the Arts and Crafts, Linz

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